Gold Rose in Tiffany Blue Giftbox

24k Gold Dipped Rose in Tiffany Blue Giftbox.
Giftbox Dimension: 33.7cm x 12.2cm x 10.5cm
Total Weight: 1.00kg – 1.25kg

$200.00 excl. GST

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How we make our Gold Roses?

We make our Gold Roses using naturally grown roses. Our Gold Rose production only utilizes fresh roses with perfect sizes and shapes. The stems, petals and leaves undergo a preservation process before the 24k gold electroplating.

Each stalk of Gold Rose is unique and no two pieces are the same. These Gold Roses will last you a lifetime.

Gold, a Precious Metal

Gold is a precious metal found more than 4.5 billion years ago. Gold first appeared as shimmering nuggets in rivers and stream all over the world. It quickly became infused with every human civilization to become the symbol of Royalty & Prestige thanks to its brilliance beauty, rarity, and resistance to tarnish. These ingredients give value to our Gold Roses, making them far more precious than fresh Roses by enabling them to live on eternally.

Roses are a Symbol of Love

Fossil evidence shows that the Rosaeace genus is more than 35 million years old, and the Rose has been an insignia of Love and Beauty since ancient times. Rose has been immortalized as the symbol of Love by the art, literature and culture of many civilizations.

In ancient Greece, an era before Christ, Roses are closely associated with Aphrodite, the God of Love. At present, love ones receive Roses on Valentine’s Day, a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of Love and Romance in numerous parts of the world. Rose is thus, indisputably, the international symbol of Love.

Why Gold Roses?

These Gold Roses resulted from our visions of incorporating these two ancient elements together, to create the perfect gift for love ones, which symbolizes a Precious Love that lasts Eternally. Gold being inert, protects the fragile Rose from harm, whilst keeping it shiny and lustrous.

Who should be gifted Gold Roses?

Our Gold Roses are the perfect gift for someone special to you; this can be anyone. Your other half perhaps, your best friend, your teacher, a sister, aunt or even your grandfather to let him know your appreciation!

The Gold Rose will remain a keepsake that reminds him or her of you many years down the road whenever they catch a glimpse of it.

When should Aurious Roses be gifted?

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and International Woman Day are a few of the best days to gift our Gold Roses. Gold Roses can also be a gift for Anniversaries and Birthdays. Or only as a thank you gift for a favour.

Will the lustre of these Glided Roses tarnish over time?

No, the Gold Roses’ lustre will not tarnish over time as gold is an inert metal that fully coats it. However, do take prudence not to drop the Gold Roses as they are breakable and exposure of its inner components to air can damage them. Should there be blemishes or fingerprint stains on the Gold Roses, gently clean it with a microfiber cloth to remove them.

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