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Papilaenopsis Hao Xiang Ni hybrids (Double Plant) – Bundle of 5 + Fertilizer Set

Included in Bundle

  • Papilaenopsis Hao Xiang Ni hybrids (Double Plants Per Pot) x 5 Pots 
  • EzGro NPK 63 Growing Fertilizer (400g)
  • EzGro NPK 67 Flowering Fertilizer (400g)

Plant Care

  • Papilaenopsis Hao Xiang Ni can be grown on brightly lit window and balcony at home.
  • If the orchid is grown outdoors in the garden, partial shade should be provided.  
  • Apply EzGro NPK 63 three times and EzGro NPK67 once every two weeks. 
  • This hybrid has non seasonal blooming and can flower throughout the year in Singapore. 

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5 Reds + Fertilizer Set, 5 Whites + Fertilizer Set, 4 Reds + 1 White + Fertilizer Set, 3 Reds + 2 Whites + Fertilizer Set, 2 Red + 3 Whites + Fertilizer Set


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