Two Sets of Oriental Beauty Phalaenopsis Arrangement (3 in 1) With a Bouquet

Send Orchids Arrangement to Your Mum, Mother in law or Wife with these two sets of Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement + Bouquet Bundle.  

Included in Arrangement

  • Phalaenopsis Oriental Beauty (3-in-1): 2 Sets
  • Ceramic Pot: 15cm x 20cmH
  • Fresh Orchid Bouquet: 1 Bouquet


Place indoors or under the shade near a window. Do not put under full sun.

Water at the roots once or twice a day. Do not allow roots to soak in water.

Feed with our fertilizer twice a week. Fertilizer For Growing Flowering

Repot (Recommended after flowering) with medium-grade mix e.g. Sphagnum moss.


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$ 365.00$ 430.00 excl. GST

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X2 Phalaenopsis With

Mother Theresa Orchid Bouquet (Grande), Sweet Pure Heart Bouquet, Sweet Mokara Bouquet (Super Grande 30 stalks), SS04 Orchid Bouquet Upsized, Spring Breeze (Super Grande: 30 stalks), Red Velvet Blooms, Pure Heart Orchid Bouquet, Mellow Yellow Bouquet, Blessings (Super Grande: 30 stalks)


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