We at Toh Garden understand that every orchid collection is precious. Whether you need a reliable carer to look after your orchids while you are away, or the space to grow your expanding collection, we have the facilities and the expertise to keep your orchids healthy and happy for you.

Have orchids in the boring growing phase? Cultivating new orchid hybrids? Drop them off with us and let us care for them! Our facility is open everyday (excluding public holidays) for you to drop by anytime during opening hours to check on your plants!

Every orchid that comes in:

  • Will be quarantined and inspected for disease.
  • Will have a spot on the bench outdoors to receive the sun’s blessings, or shaded depending on the orchid type.
  • Will be adequately watered and fed with our in-house special blend fertilizer.
  • Will be monitored and groomed daily.

Our facilities are catered to tropical / local orchids only. Please note that non-tropical phalaenopsis may not re-bloom in our local weather.

Orchid Boarding Rates (Per Week)

20 to 24 plants – $2.50/plant

25 to 49 plants – $2.00/plant

50 plants and above – $1.80/plant


Minimum orchid plants needed for this service: 20

Toh Garden provides services for growing your orchids with us! Lack gardening space at home? Find it a hassle to look after your own collection of orchids? Created a new orchid hybrid but worried that you may not be able to flower it? Our cultivation services may just be the right solution for you! For more information, fill up the form below and we will get back to you with more updated information shortly. (Updated information supersedes previous information provided, last update: 14/07/2019).

Contract Cultivation / Maintenance of New Hybrids
Contract Cultivation / Maintenance of Orchids