Orchids are hardy plants that do not die easily (we know that’s debatable through experiences shared with us by orchid hobbyist, enthusiast and amateurs alike). But as long as fundamental conditions are catered to, orchid plants will do just fine.

This guide will share about species/genus-specific pointers on how to keep the plant healthy; followed by more advanced techniques. Notably, every orchid hybrid is unique and optimal conditions can only be deciphered through certain trial and error; notwithstanding genetic, seasonal and environmental attributes.

First and foremost, the type of conditions will depend on the species/genus of the orchid. So, knowing the species/genus is the first step in gauging desirable conditions. But in general, most orchids available in tropical Singapore can be categorized as:

1) Need 50 ~ 75%  exposure to sunlight – (Examples: Dendrobium, Oncidium, Cattleya, Spathoglottis, Doritis, Phalaenopsis, Alicerea, etc.)

2) Need 75 ~ 100% exposure to sunlight – (Examples: Vanda, Mokara, Aranda, Ascocenda, Aranthera, Holttumarra, Yusoffarra)

3) Need 25 ~ 50% exposure to sunlight – (Examples: Paphiopedilum)


The guide that follows, is about orchid species/genus commonly found in Toh Garden, and other relevant topics  :


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