Orchids & Plants & Flowers Arrangements

Are you looking for a Beautiful set of Orchid, Plant or Flower Arrangement for Gifting to Your Family or Friends? Decorating your Office or Hotel Reception? Take a swig from our delectable range of Orchid, Plant & Flower Arrangements skilfully arranged from orchids and plants freshly harvested and handpicked from our farm. Enjoy a wide range of orchids when you visit us! Toh Garden produces over 200 orchid species & orchid hybrids. We offer more than 500,000 orchid plants and plants locally cultivated in our Singapore orchid farm for selection, and there’s always something special for everyone. Same day delivery available!

Orchid Plants

Looking for individual orchid plants in their original growing pots to grow at home. Take a look at some of our tropical orchid selection here and more from the orchids drop-down menu above. We also bring in orchids from countries such as Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan & Holland every few months to complement our tropical range of orchids and satisfy our clients looking for orchids, plants and flowers that can’t produce well in Singapore’s tropical climate. Be sure to check in on us if you are looking for exotic imported orchids as well!

Orchid Plant Recommendations

Begonia Recommendations

Green Plants

Looking for plants to grow at home? We are growing our selection of exotic Alocasia, Begonia, Dischidia, Philodendrons, Monstera for home customers. Note that when you grow plants indoor, they still requires light to grow! Without light, your plant will not be able to photosynthesize to make food for themselves! The best positions to place plants at home are under houselights or near the window where sunlight can get to them. Its also always good to rotate the plants every now and then so they do not grow lopsided towards one direction. If you have a busy schedule and often forget watering your plants, have a look at our range of self-watering planters to grow your indoor plants in.

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