For many years, people use orchids for decorations in various occasions in Singapore. In fact, usage of orchids is highly versatile because of their effervescent colors and significance to Singapore as our national flower. With a properly arranged orchid display, you can expect any venue to acquire a wonderful liveliness and appropriateness easily.

Citizenship Ceremony Orchid Stage Display
Citizenship Ceremony Orchid Stage Display

Why should you use Orchids for Displays?

The principal idea of using an orchid display is its gorgeousness.

Orchids are capable of delivering a unique appearance when used for decoration purposes. Particularly, when it comes to indoor décor, orchids can do miracles since these beautiful flowers come with an unmatchable variety. You can match or create any theme easily with our wide selection of orchids.

Generally, orchids have longer lifespan compared to many other flowers. Therefore, when used for orchid displays, the flowers will usually stay fresh even after the function; they generally last for days when cut.

Private Function Orchid Display
Floral Arch Orchid Display

Orchids match any occasion easily because of the large variety of colors they feature. No matter whether your occasion is a small family function, a wedding ceremony or a gala business launch, orchids are capable of creating the most appealing surrounding for you.

Why select us?

Selecting the right vendor is important if you expect the perfect orchid display for your function. Understanding the demand exists for a professional florist that does unique orchid displays, we have formed our company with the help of the industry experts.

  • Expertise knowledge

Our staff are capable of delivering the most unique and elegant collection of orchid display options. Thanks to the expertise knowledge accumulated over the years, we are capable delivering the most appealing orchid options that match any theme. We will also advise on the correct type of orchids to use for longer term displays.

  • Versatile and Flexible

Our options are highly versatile with large inventory of more than 200 varieties of orchids. We will utilize our years of industry experience and professional knowledge to provide you the best orchid display option. We cater for a large variety of indoor functions ranging from small family get-togethers to large corporate events. More importantly, for each of these events, we have numerous display designs that range from traditional themes to futuristic ones. All these designs are unique yet maintain a supreme appearance. Toh Garden treat the suggestions of the clients with a great prominence. That is why our designs are exceptionally customizable. Our staff will blend their expertise with clients’ ideas and provide the most appropriate orchid décor.

  • Affordability

Although our orchid display services retain a supreme quality all the time with each and every piece of work, our packages are designed to be highly affordable. We always believe that every client deserves to enjoy a top-notch service and that is why we made our solutions to be affordable. Over the past period, we have served many customers of various scales. The feedback we received from these clients are exceptional. In fact, these comments are a great enthusiasm for us to move forward in the industry of decoration. Our orchid display often receive highly encouraging comments.Orchids are all about beauty and class regardless the type of your event. Add glamour to your event with the help of our elegant orchid displays.

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