Aechmea fasciata in Self Watering Planter

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This bromeliad with silver-patterned silver leaf and a pink blossom will have you chanting “green thumb” in no time. It’s a great choice for beginners. The stiff, arching leaves of Aechmea fasciata grow in a rosette to resemble an urn. Its urn, which collects rainwater in its native South American rain forest, must always be full. When the plant’s leaf tips turn brown, it’s because it’s getting too dry. Despite its exotic looks and tropical origins, this bromeliad thrives in a potted indoor environment.


Epiphytes, which include Aechmeas, can be found adhering to other plants and even rocks in nature. Their leaves are the means by which they obtain the water and nutrients they require. plants above provide nutrients by shedding their own waste. Spraying the fertilizer directly into plants’ leaves and soil is preferable because of this. It is possible to use an all-purpose orchid food that has been diluted to half strength, or an air plant-specific fertilizer. Aechmeas prefer strong light, such as that provided by windows facing east or west. For their leaves to show off their variegation and to blossom, they require this exposure.


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