Baby Orchid Giftbox (Joaquim cuttings)

It’s crucial to keep productive most of the week, and giving these as a gift does not only joy your loved one’s space with future beautiful orchids but also keeps them busy and have something to take care of and nurture. Let them have a green thumb as they grow your gift into something beautiful. Papilionanthe (Vanda) Miss Joaquim hybrid cuttings in a petite gift box. The perfect gift for plant lovers and hobbyists. 


Light: Allow young Joaquim plants to establish roots well in partial shade (70%sunlight) for a few weeks before transitioning to full sun.

Water: Water thoroughly at roots when potting media is dry.

Fertilizer: Apply twice weekly. Half the dosage is recommended for young plants.

Potting media: Coarse media. eg. charcoal.



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Baby Orchid Giftbox (Joaquim cuttings)
Baby Orchid Giftbox (Joaquim cuttings)


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