Brassavola nodosa hybrids

The Brassavola nodosa is an orchid type species, Little known as the “Lady of the Night” for its night fragrance. Cultivated at our nursery, The Brassavola nodosa has been seen to produce 2 to 4 flowers per spike. The plants here bloom after reaching a height of 15 – 20cm. The flowers have thin light-yellow petals and sepals but boast an enlarged trumpet-like white lip. Potted in charcoal or mounted on wood, This compact orchid plant of the Cattleya Alliance is well suited for corridors or balconies.

Light requirement: 70% indirect sun, no full sun.

Growth pattern: Sympodial (Grows horizontally with new leads growing at the base of the plant)

Colour: White

 Hanging Plant: Yes

 Height: 20 – 30cm (blooming size)

 Orchid Genus: Others

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