Cymbidium Golden Elf

Cymbidiums are among the first orchids to be tamed. They are the most popular orchids for decorative display in the house, after the Phalaenopsis. The species grows as epiphytes (in trees) or terrestrial (on the ground) in nature, but is primarily cultivated as a semi-terrestrial with a medium size or mixed media in pots (half bark and half terrestrial orchid mix). The blossoms are a bright yellow color.


Except throughout the winter, cymbidiums require more watering than many other orchids. The night temperature is the most critical component for Cymbidiums, especially during the summer months. They thrive in temperatures around 60°F. The miniatures will be more tolerant of warmer nighttime temperatures. The Cymbidium Golden Elf prefers half-shade or half-sun. These plants can be stored indoors or outdoors, which is crucial depending on their characteristics.


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Cymbidium Golden Elf
Cymbidium Golden Elf


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