Dendrobium Spatulata hybrids

Assorted Section Spatulata, Dendrobium hybrids available in many colours~!

When you select this option, the best curly Dendrobium orchid in bloom at that point of time will be selected and sent to you.

Price may differ if very specific hybrid or flower is to be selected as more handling is required.

Dendrobium lasianthera, Queens of the Antelope Dendrobiums are famous for their unusual twisted petals which spiral up like antelope horns.

We have different spatulata hybrids in bloom from time to time. As spatulata hybrids are somewhat seasonal, when you select this option, our guys will take photos of the available hybrids for your selection.

Sun-loving with long-lasting blooms (1-3 months on the plant)

Single plant in a clay pot

The versatile Dendrobium produces blooms that last indoors or outdoors. These hardy plants are localised and adapted to thrive in Singapore weather.

These are live plants.

Orchid Care Instructions

8 hours of 50-75% sunlight daily. (Semi-shade)

Water at the roots only after the media has dried out completely. Do not allow roots to soak in water.

Fertilise with balanced 20:20:20 orchid growth fertiliser twice a week.

Repot when necessary with coarse potting medium. E.g. charcoal.


Delivery within Singapore only with $100 cart purchase with $25 delivery fee.

Free delivery for cart purchases over $200.

$ 60.00 excl. GST

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Dendrobium Spatulata hybrid
Dendrobium Spatulata hybrids


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