Epidendrum ibaguense (two tone)

It may grow up to 90 cm tall and has smooth textured stems coated in grey or brown wrappings that bear 10 cm long, elliptic, distichous, acute, or obtuse leaves that are either acute or obtuse in shape. All year long, the Ibague’ Epidendrum is free-flowering on a 35 cm long, simple, or few branching racemes with an apical cluster of flowers that open in succession over a long period of time. It’s amazing to see how the colors of flowers change from white to beige to light orange throughout time!


Epidendrum ibaguense loves the bright sun without direct access, so during the midday sun, has to be shielded from direct sunlight by a curtain or other shaded plants. The temperature range for this orchid is between 64 – 77 ° F during the day and 54 – 61 ° F at night. The nighttime temperature should be 42.8 ° F, cooler than the midday temperature for optimum home cultivation.


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