Epitonanthe Noor Qamah (2016)

In 2016, Toh Garden created the Epitonanthe Noor Qamah orchid hybrid. Some orchid enthusiasts prefer it because of its vibrant orange and yellow flowers, which are similar to those of its parent orchid, Epidendrum radicans. Their similarities include  8-10 cm long leaves with an unequally bilobed apex distributed evenly along the branching stem.   It doesn’t matter if you put them in a greenhouse or even your own home.


The lack of light is the most common reason why they don’t bloom. They do best in rooms with light levels ranging from medium to high. The leaves of your orchid will be a grassy green color if it is receiving enough sunlight. Your plant’s leaves may turn a brownish-bronze color if they are exposed to too much light. Insufficient light will cause the orchid to grow tall, preventing it from flowering. Fertilizing regularly and moving the plant to a spot where it gets the most light possible should solve the problem.


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