Giftbox Bundle

Having a hard time coping without your loved ones? Why not surprise them with a beautiful bouquet of blooms? When you demonstrate that you care, the gift will show love so rare. One or a thousand, this is the sort of present that will make an impression on those you care about.


A gift for a loved one is a gift like no one. Even if the packaging is just something temporary we could cherish it or even take it as something to remember a wonderful occasion. The inside is filled with different floral-themed gifts that will give life to one’s day if well taken care of. Also, this gift may or may not reach your doorstep, but it will surely knock on those you love. 


Delivery within Singapore only with $100 cart purchase with a 25$ delivery fee. Free delivery for cart purchase over $200.

$150.00 $163.50 (Including GST)

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