Golden Elegance in Crimson Grace | A Hanging Lunar Bloom

Let the delicate allure of suspended Phalaenopsis blossoms, cradled in a radiant gold pot and adorned with a snug embrace of auspicious red cloth ribbon, weave an enchanting tapestry of Lunar New Year splendor. This hanging masterpiece symbolizes the harmony of tradition and elegance, inviting prosperity and good fortune to descend with each graceful bloom. A suspended celebration, where the gold of dreams meets the red of luck, illuminating spaces with the spirit of joy and renewal.


Add an air of elegance to your home with this Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement. More commonly known as the Moth Orchid, the Phalaenopsis is a favourite indoor plant decoration. Each spike produces 6-10 flowers, Long-lasting blooms (1 month in air conditioning) Given proper care, the Phalaenopsis can rebloom once or twice a year. Average plant height: ~60-70cm, These are live plants.

Included in Arrangement

Phalaenopsis Yellow Colour: 5 Plants
Ceramic Pot height: 18cmH

Red Ribbon & CNY Decor


Place indoors or under the shade near a window. Do not put under full sun.
Water thoroughly and allow media to dry before watering again. Do not allow roots to soak in water.
Fertilise with Our fertilizer twice a week. Fertilizer For Growing & Flowering
Repot (Recommended after flowering) with medium-grade mix e.g. Sphagnum moss.


Delivery within Singapore only with a $100 cart purchase with a $25 delivery fee. Free delivery for cart purchases over $200.

$248.00 $270.32 (Including GST)

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