Hoya Onychoides

This hoya is native to Papua New Guinea and was first described in 1992. This is a twining hoya that requires a lot of space. The glossy leaves are dark green on top, paler on the bottom, thick, and have strong centre veins. The leaves can range in size from 12-22 cm long and 4-7 cm broad. This hoya’s foliage is stunning!

The blooms are very stunning. The buds continue to grow and develop, and when you think they’re large enough to open, they just grow some more… The wait isn’t as long as it was with Hoya imperialism, but it’s long enough to make you antsy. The number of blooms in an umbel varies, although it is often 8-10. Each flower is a dark pink/almost red, with a lighter core of the petal and a crimson corona. The blooms’ form is frequently characterized as claw-like (from the names onyx = claw and oides = like). The size of the colours appears to vary as well, ranging from 5 to 7 cm. Because the flowers on my plant are only around 4 cm in diameter, that must be in a “flattened” state, or I have a different clone… The scent is lovely.

Scientific name: Hoya onychoides

Common name: Waxflower, waxplant, waxvine

Origin: South East Asia

Flower colour: see picture

Soil: well-drained soil. Hoya hates clogged soil!

Light: full sun to partial shade

Watering: Plenty, but(!) let it dry out between waterings

Hardiness: not lower than 14°C (57°F)

Height: Vine, up to 3m (9’9″)

Note: Please check with us first if you wish to order a blooming plant as plant might not be in bloom.

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