Lots of Love Flower Arrangement

Fresh Cut Orchids Arrangement with Preserved Wildflowers & Cordyline Snow White in Glass Vase harvested fresh from the local orchid farm.

Included in Flower Arrangement

  • Glass Vase (12cmD x 17cmH)
  • Preserved Wildflowers: 1 stalk
  • Cordyline Snow White: 6 stalks
  • Premium Dendrobium Snow White (1949): 20 stalks
  • Premium Dendrobium Singapore Changi Airport (1997): 20 stalks

Cut Flowers Care

  • Replace vase with lukewarm water
  • Trim 0.50cm off the flower stems in a diagonal manner
  • Repeat the above every 2-3 days helps prolong the vase life of your fresh flowers

$90.00 $97.20 (Including GST)

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