Monadenium stapelioides

For life’s important moments. Send yourself or a loved one a Euphorbia neostapelioides f. variegata, it is a variegated form of Monadenium stapelioides. It’s a perennial succulent with cream-streaked leaves and pink borders on some of the leaves, which shine brightly in the winter. The flowers feature a white or light pink bract cup. This monadenium, unlike most others, preserves its leaves throughout the winter, which is a great bonus.


Euphorbia neostapelioides f. variegata is a bushy variety with cream-striped leaves and pink borders, especially in winter. Succulent Euphorbias thrive well in any well-drained soil in full sun. They thrive on a layer of brick and charcoal, followed by sandy loam soil. They are low-maintenance. Indoor growing plants are joyful. Succulents are most commonly propagated vegetatively. Several inches of stem with leaves are cut, allowed to heal, and then develop a callus. Roots should appear in a week. A clump can be divided by uprooting it and pulling the stems and roots apart. The simplest technique is to let a leaf or segment produce a callus. 


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Monadenium stapelioides
Monadenium stapelioides

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