Nobile Dendrobium Arrangement 3 in 1 (Seasonal)

Light: In a well-lit but shaded location, but out of direct sunlight.

Temperature: Dendrobium Nobile prefers a cool, well-aerated environment with an average temperature of 12 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Water: This orchid should not be overwatered. Water it once every seven to nine days is sufficient. Dendrobium Nobile should be watered only when the soil is nearly dry. This is simply determined with a skewer. Insert the skewer into the soil and recover it regularly. If the skewer is dry, Dendrobium Nobile requires water.

Spraying Flower buds: During the summer months, the humidity level in residence can be below. Daily spray the smallest buds to keep them from drying out and failing to bloom.

Fertilizer: Feed dendrobium Nobile twice a month with our special orchid fertilizer; dosage: 1 tsp. Per 1 litre of water. Sprinkle one level teaspoon of ‘‘EzGro NPK Foliar Blue Fertilizer 63” (Healthy Growing)

Soil: Dendrobium Nobile should be replanted every three to four years in an orchid potting mix. The Orchids Farm has created a well-aerated mixture of bark, coco, and peat for this orchid. This mix is available for purchase in our shop.

After flowering: When Dendrobium Nobile reaches the end of its flowering cycle, the flowers naturally fall from the stalk. From a fresh shoot, the orchid will create another stem. This will take between eight to twelve months.

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