Orchid Flask

Each flask contains 40 orchid seedlings encased in a sterile environment with nutrient gel.

Orchid Seedling Care Instructions

Before opening the flask: If you are bringing the flask to a country with a different climate, allow the flask to rest unopened for 2 weeks to allow the temperature inside the flask to reach equilibrium with the outside. Opening the flask immediately without equalising the temperature may cause seedlings to turn yellow from shock due to the large temperature difference.


Seedlings may be kept in the flasks as long as there is gel. When gel runs out, open flask within 1-2 weeks.

After opening the flask: Transfer seedlings into small pots or spread them on a tray with potting medium.


If you are in a country with a cool/dry climate, use a medium-grade potting mix. Eg. Pine bark, sphagnum moss or perlite.

If you are in a country with a hot/humid climate, use a small coarse-grade potting mix. E.g. smashed up charcoal bits.


(Please do not use charcoal meant for BBQ as they are laced with chemicals toxic to plants.) Place seedlings in shade (50% or less sunlight) with good air circulation. Water at the roots when the potting mix is dry. Feed with balanced foliar fertiliser twice a week. Use half the concentration dosage of mature plants. Allow seedlings to establish roots (~3 months) Repot seedlings to bigger pots after 3 months or when roots outgrow the current pot. In around 2 years, these young orchid plants will reach blooming size upon maturity. From then on please refer to the orchid care section on how to care for mature orchid plants.

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