Pachira aquatica (Round Root) – (0.40m) 发财树

Pachira aquatica, often known as the money tree, guiana chestnut, or saba nut, is a tropical tree that flourishes near ponds and swamps. It prefers damp soil, which explains the kill-proof property. It also thrives in indirect light, so you can grow it indoors—just make sure it’s in a bright location.


Although this tree enjoys dampness, it should never be left in water. As a result, it must be kept in a planter with enough drainage. For even growth and leafing, place it in indirect light indoors and turn it every time you water it. Water your plants on a regular basis, ideally 1–2 times per week depending on humidity. Just before the water starts spilling from the drain holes, water all of the topsoil. Lightly fertilize the Pachira aquatica with a water-soluble fertilizer 3–4 times a year for maximum longevity. Use a simple one that you scatter on the dirt and that dissolves gradually with each watering.


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