Ribbon (10 Instant Ribbons) (2.1cm x 38.0cm)

Paint your gift red, because red never goes out of style. Because the gifts themselves s not only the main event. Make the package beautiful and presentable with this ribbon to tie and stick to your gift whatever it may be. And since TohGarden offers tons of beautiful flowers, you can math this accent to any green of your liking. 


When you are using your ribbon to tie a flower bouquet, please make sure that the stem is dry. A wet stem may impart colors onto the ribbon and the stain might be difficult to remove. Also take care that the ribbon doesn’t get in touch with water containing flower food, as it is a chemical that can stain the ribbon and shift natural colors.


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  • Pull Flower Ribbon with Gold lining.  Size of ribbon is 2.1*38cm. (1 Pack / 10pcs).

(Instant Ribbon Fuchsia with Gold Lining), (Instant Ribbon Green with Gold Lining), (Instant Ribbon Yellow with Gold Lining), (Instant Ribbon Red with Gold Lining), (Instant Ribbon Blue with Gold Lining), ( Instant Ribbon Pink with Gold Lining), (Instant Ribbon Purple with Gold Lining), (Instant Ribbon Orange with Gold Lining), (Instant Ribbon Pink with Rose Pattern), (Instant Ribbon Purple with Rose Pattern), (Instant Ribbon Light Blue with Rose Pattern), (Instant Ribbon Red with Rose Pattern), (Instant Ribbon Yellow with Rose Pattern), (Instant Ribbon Green with Rose Pattern), (Instant Ribbon Fuchsia with Rose Pattern), (Instant Ribbon Orange with Rose Pattern)


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