Tillandsia Ionantha “Rubra”

When it comes to low-maintenance plants, there’s no better than Tillandsia ionantha rubra. The rubra has green, yellow, and red colors that deepen as the plant matures and approaches its flowering period. The flower has a single stigma and three stamens and is purple or white in color. It blooms just once in a plant’s lifetime, which takes more than three years. Eventually, the ionantha rubra will create a clump from its “pups.” This little air plant has a surprisingly huge look despite its small dimensions.


Direct sunlight should be avoided if possible for Ionantha rubra because of its high requirements for bright indirect light. With too much exposure to the sun, the plant’s leaves will become scorched and brittle. Avoid planting the plant in a shady area and try to keep it at least 2-3 feet away from the window. Alternatively, you may keep your Ionantha rubra in the kitchen or bathroom, where the added humidity will help keep them from drying up too quickly. This plant is a good choice for workplaces since it is tolerant to artificial light.


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