From simple classic ceramic ware to high-quality designer vases, our pots and vases come with irrigation holes and are suitable for planting and growing or use as display indoors or outdoors. New self-watering planters now available!

NEW! Self-watering planters

Elegantly designed to suit modern interiors/exteriors.

Rattan series self-watering planter with hidden wheels. Portable, easy to move around.

Hidden handles to easily remove planter box from water reservoir for easy maintenance.

Easy to fill self-watering mechanism, with water indicator to see water level.

Colours available in Coffee, White and Black.

Material: Fibreglass plastic. Light-weight. Waterproof. Sturdy. Durable.

Planter space is 1/3 of total planter height. 2/3 is for the water reservoir.

Dimensions available: (Top dia. x Bottom dia. x Height)

TB series: Rattan surface

TB04: 28cmW x 21.5cmL x 57cmH

TB05: 39cmW x 30.5cmL x 76cmH

TB06: 28cmW x 20cmL x 23.5cmH

GQ series: Smooth surface

GQ5: 39cmW x 30.5cmL x 76cmH

GQ4: 28cmW x 21.5cmL x 54cmH

GQ3: 22cmW x 16.5cmL x 41cmH