Our farm produces thousands stalks of cut orchids on a daily basis. We pack these colourful orchids giftboxes, harvested fresh from farm, and ships them off to you in the best of its freshness.

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Phytosanitary Certificate (PC)

Most countries do not require PC for small amount of cut orchids for personal use. However, please contact us 3 days in advance if you do need us to apply for a PC from our plant protection authority (AVA) on your behalf. There will be a cost for the application depending on the type of PC you need. You will need to provide us with the following for the PC application;

  • Import requirement (stated on the import permit from your country if you are unsure);
  • Consignee Name (your name);
  • Consignee Address (your address);
  • Date of departure (date that you fly off from Singapore);
  • Country & Port of Entry (which country & which airport)