Add an air of elegance to your home or office with our Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangements. More commonly known as the Moth Orchid, the Phalaenopsis is a favourite indoor plant decoration. Each spike produces 6-10 flowers and blooms last a month and even longer in air-conditioned environments. Given proper care, the Phalaenopsis can re-bloom once or twice a year.

Just want blooms without the hassle? Try our Orchid Rental Service instead! We change out new flowers every month to keep your space in blooming state all year round!

限量 蝴蝶兰 自创盆 2019 Seasonal Phalaenopsis Orchid Customized Arrangement.

*Important Note* Kindly hard refresh your browser (CTRL + press refresh button) to view the latest flowers. If you are not certain, please contact us to check flower availability before order.

How to Order:

  1. Choose a flower.
  2. Select the number of plants to put in a ceramic pot. 1 plant will have at least 1 flower stalk. 1 in 1 refers to 1 plant in 1 pot.
  3. Choose a pot colour and done! Our experienced gardener will skillfully arrange your orchids into a beautiful living showpiece!
  4. For longer-lasting blooms, place your pot in a well-ventilated spot with indirect sunlight and water once a week.
  5. Some Phalaenopsis varieties are seasonal. In the event that it is out of season or deemed to be of unsuitable quality for sale, we reserve the rights to replace it with one that is closely similar in design, colour or greater value.


3 working days pre-order required.

Flower stalk dimensions:

Big flower Phalaenopsis: 60 – 70cm tall

Medium Flower Phalaenopsis: 50 – 60cm tall

Small/Mini Flower Phalaenopsis: 30 – 40cm tall

Orchid Care Instructions

Place indoors near a window or under shade. Do not put under full sun.

Water at the roots only after the media has dried out completely. Do not allow roots to soak in water.

Fertilize with balanced 24:17:17 orchid fertilizer twice a week. 

Repot (recommended after flowering) with medium-grade mix e.g. Sphagnum moss.


Delivery within Singapore only with $100 cart purchase with $25 delivery fee.

Free delivery for cart purchases over $200.

For purchases under $100 please send an email to [email protected] for payment instructions and self-collection at the farm.

**Our complimentary message service: If you require a message to be sent to a recipient, email us and we can print it out on an orchid card and attach it to the arrangement for you.**

Phalaenopsis orchids arrangements with lights and Seasonal Decor!
These beautiful living orchid displays are great for any indoor living spaces!