Mother’s Day Specials

Papilaenopsis Hao Xiang Ni hybrids are quaint free flowering homegrown hybrids made between Papilionanthe x Phalaenopsis. They flowers all year round in Singapore with ease as long as they are fed with fertilizers. Papilaenopsis Hao Xiang Ni love sunlight and thrive well on brightly lit balconies and gardens as well as semi outdoor environments. Hao Xiang Ni (好想你)means “Thinking of You” or “Missing You Very Much” in Chinese, making this orchid a particularly meaningful Mother’s Day gift, in telling her how much you miss her especially if you are away from Singapore. You don’t have to worry about her not having Green Fingers as this orchid flowers easily in Singapore! 😉

Exotic Orchids for Mother’s Day

Carnivorous Plants for Mother’s Day

Gift Mum a helping green hand! Fascinate her with these exotic carnivorous plants that snap up pesky insects from her kitchen or herb gardens! 😉

Other Recommendations for Mother’s Day

Plants & Flower Arrangements for Mother’s Day

Looking for more options? Head off to view our range of flower and plant arrangements and surprise her with your selection of plants and flowers. Only you know mum best! 🙂

Orchid Plants for Mother’s Day

Does your Mum have green fingers? Take a look at our wide selection of tropical orchids in their growing pots and delight her with her favourite colours. This May, we have also brought in exotic and seasonal orchids from overseas just for Mother’s Day! Check out some of our selections below and more from our catalogue!

Orchid Plant Recommendations

Green Plants for Mother’s Day

Check out our range of Greens this May! Looking to add a rare plant to your mum’s green plant collection at home? How about a pick at our highly sought after Monstera borsigiana Albo Variegata collection! Limited Plant available this May, first come first serve and what you see is what you get! 😉

Green Plants Banner

Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata

Green Plant Recommendations

Begonias for Mother’s Day

Begonias are the perfect plant for growing under low light at home. They love bright indirect light and a humid environment which makes them perfect house plants to decorate your bathrooms and wet kitchen. The leaves of this species has evolved to a multitude of vibrant to dull colours! The Valentino series also produces large vibrant flowers, with the white cultivar looking like many eggs growing on leaves when they are in full bloom!

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