18K Rose Gold dipped Real Orchid in Frame

Customizable to dip any orchid of your choice in 18K Rose Gold and mounted in frames. Choice of leather, fabric or wooden frames. Makes for a great unique gift for a corporate or special event. Mount these in any space to add a touch of luxury.


As a first step, make sure your picture frame is properly cared for by placing it in a space free of distractions. In other words, you should steer clear of places that are very hot or cold, as well as those that are prone to moisture problems. Your artwork will be better protected and your frame will survive longer if you hang it in the appropriate place. There may be an issue with moisture in the space, and you may want to fix that before putting a picture frame there. Your frame’s cover should also be cleaned properly and using the correct procedure if it has one.


Delivery within Singapore only with $100 cart purchase with a 25$ delivery fee. Free delivery for cart purchase over $200.

$225.00 $245.25 (Including GST)

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18K Rose Gold dipped Real Orchid in Frame
18K Rose Gold dipped Real Orchid in Frame


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