Alocasia watsoniana “Ripples”

A plant that makes everybody go cheered is a plant that can grow like an elephant’s ear. Even with its potential growth, Alocasia watsoniana is relatively pretty small but is precious like jewels. Because in its kind, it is classified as one of the jewels of Alocasia. Even starting as small, it can amaze you by how enormous it could get compared to its initial appearance. It can grow up to 60cm long, harbouring its term as the elephant ear. 




This plant still requires proper care even if its leaves are pegged as a shield–with silver veins and a dark purple-red shade beneath it. Like jewels that shine bright, this plant is at its peak at a temperature of 80 F when the sun is up. Lowest during the night at 70 F, accompanied by properly draining soil, humidity, and ample indirect light. Given that humid areas are the setting the Alocasia thrives in, it is with a dire need for these plants to be distanced from any source of cold or hot dry air like an air condition or an oven. 




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