Anthurium in Gold Bowl

Who says a pot of gold could only be seen at the end of the rainbow? Make your favourite Anthurium plant grow a big fortune. This lucky gold bowl will not only house and nourish your plant but could also bring style to your greens. Bedazzled by this very fashionable life in a pot that will brighten up any room. Great as a gift to yourself or someone special, to make fortune knock on their door.


A very stylish pot deserves very delicate care. To maintain its optimum condition the owner must place the pot in places that have a lesser risk of breaking or tearing. One must also put the appropriate amount of soil to accommodate not only the plant but also to prevent the overflowing of soil in the pot. Knowing key efforts for our pots will serve us long-term positive effects, making your pot both nourished and beautiful. 


Delivery within Singapore only with a $100 cart purchase with a $25 delivery fee. Free delivery for cart purchases over $200. 


$35.00 $38.15 (Including GST)

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