Caladium Neon (彩叶芋)

Light up the nightlife in your space with Caladium neon; Caladiums have become one of the most popular foliage plants for gloomy or semi-shady gardens because of their huge, colourful leaves, many of which are larger than the palm of your hand. A beautiful array of green, white, pink, and crimson hues adorn each leaf. If you have the correct circumstances, you may grow these South American species as summer bulbs or houseplants in more moderate climes. With a little TLC, these exotic shade dwellers may match any blooming plant in terms of beauty.


You may buy caladiums in pots from local nurseries in late spring, or you can grow them yourself from tubers. Large (No. 1) and giant tubers (No. 2) are the most common tuber sizes. In the case of short growing seasons, larger tubers often generate more leaves and mature quicker.

With the exception of newer types that can withstand greater sunshine, filtered light or shade is required. When cultivated in a shady area, the leaves’ hues are frequently more brilliant. To minimize wind damage, place the plants in an area that is protected from severe gusts.


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