Caladium Sherbert

It’s a tuberous-rooted perennial that hails from South America, where it was first discovered. It goes into hibernation from the end of the fall till the beginning of the spring. When it comes to growing and re-growing Caladiums each year, the extra effort is well worth it because of the lovely decorative leaves. Please keep children and pets away from this plant, which is toxic.


In the early stages of growth, the soil should be moist but not soggy. When the Caladium’s leaves begin to die back in the early fall, gradually decrease the quantity of watering. A Caladium, on the other hand, requires a lot of indirect light to thrive.

It is common for Caladium to suffer from fungal infections like Fusarium and Pythium, which can lead to root rot. Caladiums may be infected by a bacterial disease called Xanthomonas, which produces leaf spots. To avoid these issues, make sure there is adequate airflow and that the leaves aren’t wet. It is ideal for growing Caladiums on soil that is somewhat acidic and fast-draining. A Caladium should be watered once a month with a mix of vinegar and water.


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