Calathea Medallion

Shine your pride like a lion, and be dazzled by Clathea Medallion. Also known as Calathea veitchiana, it is one of the most stunning low-light plants on the market today. Large, “medallion-like” leaves with a dazzling green design on top and a deep burgundy underside are popular with plant aficionados. I would not recommend this plant for beginners or busy bees since it demands a little additional attention to maintain it healthy and happy. Learn how to care for your Calathea Medallion with this easy-to-follow advice and solutions.

Prayer plants, which some people term “prayer-plants,” are really of the Calathea Medallion family. What distinguishes this plant from other prayer-plants is its leaf. At the base of the stem, the leaves of prayer-plants fold up like praying hands. Calathea Medallions with drooping leaves should be checked for environmental issues since this indicates that there is a problem with the environment in which they were put.


We recommend that you install your Calathea Medallion in an area that receives moderate to brilliant indirect light. Low indirect light, on the other hand, is not a problem. To keep your Calathea Medallion’s soil wet, you should establish a regular watering routine. Avoid saturating the soil in water, though. Remember that this is not a drought-resistant indoor plant. It will eventually die if you don’t water it correctly, but it can thrive if you forget to water it now and again.


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