Spider Lily in Self Watering Planter

A spider lily is any of a number of plants that have blossoms that mimic lilies. This type of plant originates from a bulb and blooms primarily during the fall season. These plants usually have long, slender petals or other flower elements that look like spider legs. Some spider lily variants grow in clumps that resemble a giant spider web. Spider lily blooms can be little or enormous, and come in a range of hues. They are commonly used as an indoor decorative plant or as landscaping foliage in moist locations.


The spider lily needs intense indirect light. Spider lilies thrive in warm, sunny climates. Moving your plant outside for the summer will help it thrive and bloom. During the growing season, water often to keep the soil evenly moist. In the winter, water barely enough to keep the soil from drying out. Keep relative humidity between 40% and 50%. If the air within your plant is dry, try one of these simple solutions. During active growth, the plant needs warm conditions, with a minimal winter temperature of. Soil should be 3 parts all-purpose potting mix to 1-part horticultural sand. Every two weeks in the spring and summer, apply a balanced liquid fertilizer half-diluted. Finally, spider lily propagation involves bulb propagation.


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