Charcoal Stand

Stand tall and elegant with these dark-shaded pots/stands. Only for the best for your world-class and elegant plant. Flaunt them and let them be noticed in your home. These stands not only add beauty to your pots but also sturdiness and protection. Avail yours now and have them in charcoal. 


Always provide cleaning maintenance like wiping it carefully with a dry or damp cloth. Be careful with where you position it as with its size and length it could bump and it will lead for it to fall and have dents. Lastly, choose the right medium for soil and the right kind of plants that are suited for a charcoal stand, because with proper synergy it will make your design and plants to prosper.


Delivery within Singapore only with $100 cart purchase with a 25$ delivery fee. Free delivery for cart purchase over $200. 

$10.00 $10.90 (Including GST)

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Charcoal Stand
Charcoal Stand


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