Table Glass Orb

Be awed by the cuteness of puppy eyes in an orb. A great choice for a home of dog lovers, where it will match the vibe of cozyness and elegance of an ornament dog. The stand may be utilized in a number of scenarios thanks to its modern yet traditional design. The hourglass’s rounded edges contrast with its delicate gloss. An excellent table glass orb. Both home and office use are acceptable. Whether it’s in an office, a rustic living area, or a whimsical doorway, this stunning item is sure to wow. The lime green sand adds a burst of color to this otherwise drab landscape. Having no base gives this item a sleek, futuristic appearance.


Beautiful as they are, Care Glass figurines are fragile and may shatter. If you have a can of compressed air, a soft cloth, and dish soap on hand, cleaning them will be a breeze. In order to protect fingerprints from ruining the item, it may be as simple as putting it on a shelf and using compressed air to remove dust from the surface.


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$12.00 $13.08 (Including GST)

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Table Glass Orb
Table Glass Orb


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