Cotton Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry Handmade

Make your plants come to life with the essence of art. Make it desirable with this tapestry that is remarkable. If your house and yard are already overwhelmed with plants, you may want to think about moving vertical. In only a few minutes, wall-mounted pots and vases can change the look and feel of any area. Furthermore, wall-mounted planters may liven up a drab design concept by adding some color and energy to an otherwise dull space.



Your choice of potting media will also have an impact on your final product. Peat, or decomposed sphagnum peat, is the major constituent in most packaged potting soils. Peat retains water well, yet it is heavier than coir. Add perlite to your peat mix if you’re concerned about its weight. That means that you’ll have to keep an eye out for any dripping from the basket, and you’ll have to water more frequently as well.



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