Dischidia ruscifolia

Let your space be filled with love, as this million-hearts will stretch to your home and grow it with its green hearts. You can’t go wrong with Dischidia ruscifolia, also known as the million hearts plant, if you’re wanting to add a dash of natural beauty to your home. If the million hearts plant is placed in a hanging pot, it will only enhance its charm. When it comes to growing and taking care of a million hearts plant, what are the best practices? When the earth is fully dry, water the million hearts plant. Keep the plant in a humid place by misting it often or placing its pot in a saucer filled with water on a daily basis. Keep it in a place with a lot of indirect sunlight in an indoor location.


Even a novice gardener should be able to care for the Dischidia Ruscifolia, one of the best houseplants on the market. Although this is a simple plant to care for, it doesn’t mean you should wing it when it comes to its upkeep. For the million hearts plant to grow, however, you need to learn more about how to properly care for it.


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 Dischidia ruscifolia
Dischidia ruscifolia


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