Dischidia Pangolin Kisses

Don’t we just love hugs and kisses especially from a plant that is surely the cutest? Their weird clumps of green will put you to grin. This Succulent perennial cultivar Dischidia ‘Pangolin Kisses’ of the Apocynaceae family. As a colorful and uncommon houseplant, it’s grown all over the world. Because it grows on the surfaces of other species and obtains its nutrients from them, it is called an epiphytic plant. Tightly packed clusters of leaves are formed close to the stem of this plant, which is grown for its succulent leaves. Red pigmentation may be seen on the leaves when they are exposed to intense light. The houseplant Dischidia ‘Pangolin Kisses’ is an interesting and attractive one.


During the spring and summer months, be sure to water your plants often to ensure that all of the extra water drains away. Avoid planting near a radiator or in a drafty area to keep the temperature consistent. Keep the compost drier in the winter by only watering it when it’s nearly dry.


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