Hydrangea macrophylla (Cut Flower)

A beautiful Cutting¬† Hydrangea For your Love ones ūüė≥

Hydrangeas are linked with numerous civilizations, each with its interpretation of what the flower represents – from deep feelings to heartlessness, as well as plenty and success.

Hydrangeas are native to Japan, but they have subsequently been brought to many other regions of the world, including New Zealand, portions of Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. It is a popular cut flower choice for the centrepiece ūüė≥ s or bouquets and is a frequent landscaping alternative or part of houseplant collections.

Hydrangeas’ enormous mophead flowers are composed of individual blooms that are rather inconspicuous but are accentuated by a ring of bracts (or modified leaves) surrounding each blossom. The vibrant colours of hydrangeas are due to their modified leaves, which are intended to attract pollinators. A well-known example of modified leaves may be seen in bougainvillaea.

Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla

Common Name: (s)hydrangea, bigleaf hydrangea

Plant: TypeShrub

Mature Size: Up to 2 m in height

Light: Does well with morning sun. Adaptable to minimal light conditions indoors.

Water: Daily watering

Soil: Well-drained soil

Flowers: Inconspicuous flowers surrounded by brightly coloured bracts

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