Leca Stone / Clay Balls For Hydroponics (6mm / 5L)

Aeration Stones, also known as LECA™, are heat-treated clay that absorb and slowly release water, providing essential drainage and increased air supply for plant root health. LECA has many horticultural uses, including as hydroponic growing medium and drainage material for house plants.

The Benefits of Using

Adding Leca stones to your potted plants is essential for healthy roots and water drainage. Fill the bottom of your pot with the stones before adding soil and plant. The more stones you add, the bigger the buffer for excess water.

How to Use Leca Stones as a Potting Medium

they need to be fertilized regularly. When using Leca stones in potting mix, aim for a 50/50 ratio of soil to stones. The stones can also be rinsed and reused, making them an eco-friendly choice for plant enthusiasts.

  • To repot your plant with Leca stones, remove it from its current pot and gently rinse the roots. Add 1-2″ of stones to a new container and place your plant inside. Fill with saturated stones and water to just above the stones.
  • Once the Leca stones have dried out and only a small amount of water is left in the container, refill it with water and consider adding a diluted water-soluble fertilizer. Aeration stones are sterile and nutrient-free, so adding hydroponic fertilizer to your water is necessary to provide your plants with the nutrients they require to thrive.

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