Outdoor Garden Panel & Racks

Your house may be littered with pots from your plant purchases once you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of becoming a plant parent this season. You may not know how much room plants occupy in your house, which may be better used for other purposes, such as sleeping or working. You may use plant racks to help you manage your home. Elevating your plants off the floor using tiered racks is a great way to save space. Allowing a plant rack to become an attractive piece of furniture in its own right is an excellent way to manage your area while simultaneously enhancing its energy, harmony, and beauty.


Potted plants should be well placed on the rack since these are elevated. Also, make sure then you spaced them inappropriate width so that they won’t fall off and compete with sunlight and air. Lastly, fix and assemble the rack properly so you won’t be troubled with unfixed racks that will cause future breakage of plants and planters. 


Delivery within Singapore only with $100 cart purchase with a 25$ delivery fee. Free delivery for cart purchase over $200.


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