LED Cotton Ball Lights (Red)

Be dazzled by these balls of lights, that will coat your event with its sweet presence. These cotton light balls is suited for any occasion as it vibes with anything light and fun. And make sure to get them in a bunch, as these lights up great when they are the accents of one party.


Despite their beauty, these decorations carry a certain amount of danger. Accidents involving falls, electrocution, and electrical shorts are all plausible outcomes. You can be safe when decorating if you do your homework and follow good safety procedures. One of the few tips that could help you out is maintaining a proper distance from any moisture or water to avoid sparks and possible causes of fire. Lastly, even though they are beautiful learn to I’ve them rest everyone in a while for them not to overheat


Delivery within Singapore only with a $100 cart purchase with a $25 delivery fee. Free delivery for cart purchases over.


$20.00 $21.80 (Including GST)

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