Repotting Service

Repotting of Orchids & Plants

Repotting service is offered only in the farm premises. 


This repotting service rate is based on per plant basis in pots selected into our range of Ceramic Pots, Fiberglass Pot, Self-Watering Planter & Clay Pots for repotting of our orchids and plants. 


E.g. if you ordered 3 Dendrobiums Plants, then repotting fee will be $15, 5 Phalaenopsis Plants, then repotting fee will be $25. 


Repotting into Your Own Pots

If you wish repot orchids or plants into your own pot, kindly send your pots to us or contact us for a quotation based on your pot size. 


A collection and planting media fee will be levied for collection of your pots to our farm for repotting of orchids and plants. 

$5.00 $5.45 (Including GST)

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