Maranta leuconeura (Leaf Mantis Plant) (叶蝉)

Because of its stunning decorative leaves, the prayer plant is one of the most easily identified tropicals. Deep green velvety leaves with yellow splotches down the midrib and arching red veins running to the leaf margins characterize the popular tricolor variety. The prayer plant is a slow-growing indoor plant that can grow up to a foot tall. They’re pretty common as houseplants, and they can be planted and cared for at any time of year, but they’re not always simple to keep growing over time.


Soil should be kept moist but not soggy for water/humidity. Water with tepid, room-temperature water and mist periodically, or set near a humidifier (2 – 3x per week). Ideally, the prayer plant should be exposed to bright indirect light. It has a high tolerance for low light (will just grow more slowly). Plant the prayer plant in a well-draining soil. From spring until summer, a few drops of general houseplant fertilizer can be applied to the soil once a month, following the package directions for dilution and administration. In the fall and winter, don’t give your plants any fertilizers. The optimal temperature range is 18 to 27 degrees Celsius. Temperatures as low as 15°C are not a problem.


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