Colocasia Black Magic

Colocasia Black Magic can surely strike your heart with its warm presence as it can grow as big as an elephant’s ear. There are new shapes and styles for the tropical environment thanks to Colocasia esculenta Black Magic’s durability and ease of care. Known as “black elephant ear plant” or “taro,” it is a common ingredient in Asian cuisine. Black Colocasia esculenta is a great choice for individuals who enjoy the bright, tropical colors of the tropics. Like its relative, the Alocasia, the black elephant ear is enticing (African mask plant). It thrives in a well-drained, well-ventilated area with plenty of sunlight and mild temperatures. One-pot of black elephant ears creates a tropical vibe in any room.


Dig up the bulbs and dry them in the open shade once the top growth has been killed off by the frost. It is best to treat elephant’s ears like any other summer-blooming bulbs because they are not hardy below Zone 9. Eventually, they begin to shrivel, and any dirt that clings to them is drained and falls off with them. Make sure they are kept in a dry, cool (about 50°F) location. Plant the bulbs in 1- or 2-gallon pots in a greenhouse as soon as the weather warms up to give them a head start. The stems should be placed such that they are above the soil level. Once the bulbs have sprouted, you may stop watering them until the leaves begin to appear. The plants can be grown in a warm greenhouse, on the edge of a pool, or in big aquatic pots.


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