Money Plant

Included in Arrangement

  • Money Plant “Epipremnum”: 1 Plant / 4ft +
  • Self-Watering Pot “Black Smooth”: White & Black (Large: 39cmW x 39cmL x 76cmH)



Money plant demands well-drained soil. Thus, river sand can be used with regular potting soil. Sand provides excellent aeration and drainage for plants, ensuring that they thrive. Additionally, one might use potting soil with a high pearlite concentration (which is also used for cacti plants).


Money plant is an unusual plant in that it may flourish whether properly watered or submerged. While under-watering is OK, over-watering might be harmful to its growth. Watering a money plant once every seven to ten days is ideal throughout the summer season, as the soil must also dry between two watering sessions. However, the distance cannot be extended to the point where the soil begins to break. As a result, one may feel the topsoil’s dryness and choose whether to water again. Additionally, there should be no water blockage. During the winter months, spray the leaves only and water well once every two to three weeks.


Money plant thrives in direct sunshine in the garden, indoors, or in low light settings. A somewhat sunny and partially shaded location is also ideal for money plants’ growth. While this plant can tolerate a high level of sunshine, it is important to keep in mind that searing rays will burn the leaves. Therefore, choosing a shaded yet light location on your lawn, patio, garden, or interior area is ideal for money plant maintenance.


Money plants may be fertilized with fertilizers and watered once a month. When applying fertilizers, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and apply just the amount specified. Another critical point to remember is that fertilizers should be administered only in the evening since sunlight can burn the roots. Fertilizers should be avoided throughout the winter.


The size of the Pot is always determined by the size of the plants. It is preferable to choose hefty or large pots because the plant will grow and will require repotting in the future. Additionally, growth would be hindered in tiny pots.


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