Schefflera elegantissima

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  • Schefflera elegantissima: 1 Plant (1.45m)
  • Tuxedon Fiberglass Pot: (M: 33cm x 33cmH)


Schefflera elegantissima is an Araliaceae flowering plant endemic to New Caledonia. Evergreen shrub or tree is growing 8–15m (26–49 feet) tall and 2m (7 feet) width. Its leaves are serrated and coppery red to dark green. Adult leaves are considerably wider. It blooms in the autumn and yields black fruit in the winter.


When cultivated as a houseplant, Schefflera elegantissima seldom exceeds 2m (7 feet) in height and 50cm in spread (20 inches). Elegantissima Schefflera is a slim plant. This plant’s leaves are 7-10 narrow leathery leaflets, each 8-10cm (3-4 inch) long and 1cm (0.4 inches) broad. The leaflets are arranged in a circular pattern near the leaf stalk’s tip. The leaf colour varies from coppery red to a deep green, nearly black. The centre stem and leaf stalks are cream-coloured.


Houseplant care

These plants seldom branch and grow straight up. 2 or 3 tiny plants in one pot planter for a bushy look.


Schefflera elegantissima prefers bright light; however, it should not be grown in areas that receive lengthy direct sunlight.


Ensure that the environment is warm and humid (the lowest temperature, even during the rest time, should be above 15°C (59°F). To enhance the humidity in the pots, place them on trays filled with wet stones.


During the growing season, water Schefflera elegantissima sparingly and only when the soil is nearly dry.


During active growth, use liquid fertiliser every two weeks.

Potting and repotting

Make use of a potting mixture that contains dirt. Due to the sluggish growth of Schefflera elegantissima, they should only be transplanted into a larger pot once every two years or so.


If you are cultivating Schefflera elegantissima, the most common cause of difficulties is improper management. Aside from that, Schefflera elegantissima has good long-term health and is seldom harmed by insects or other pests.

Lower leaves that fall are more likely a result of weak light and/or dry air.

Untidy growth can be addressed by early spring stem pruning to boost new growth.


Foliage – coloured

Shape – upright

Height: 2m (7 feet)

PROPER CARE: Watering in rest period – sparingly

Watering in active growth period – sparingly

Light – bright

Temperature in rest period – min 16°C max 24°C

Temperature in active growth period – min 18°C max 27°C 

Humidity – high


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