Neoregelia Carolina in Self Watering Planter

Included in Plant Arrangement

After a busy day, the first thing we want is to take a break, but having a green thumb gives no breaks. So why not have a plant that almost takes care of itself. Meet the Neoregelia Carolina, or known as the blushing bromeliad, an evergreen herbaceous epiphytic bromeliad. It does not possess any striking blooms unlike some of its kind, but it has simple red foliage that consumes a month before blossoming. What makes this plant special is the plant’s pot. Because you could cross out frequent watering of your daily task, with its self-watering feature. 


A low-maintenance plant still needs its proper care. Because having a self planter still requires constant check-ups. Since it contains a reservoir, it needs to be cleaned and be rid of contaminants and debris so plants could properly do so with capillary action. Additionally, the Bromeliad is at its best during warm temperatures, with ample light, and stable humidity. Providing all that is above will make your self-planter love it’s a new home. 


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